14 Fun And Interesting Facts About Coal That You Must Know

Coal is composed of mostly carbon with variable amounts of some other elements, such as hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen. Coal is mainly used as fuel around the world. It has been known and used for almost thousands of years. As coal is one of the most widely used materials around the world, you should know some interesting and fun facts about it. 

However, until the Industrial Revolution, the usage of coal was limited. The consumption of coal gradually increased with the invention of the steam engine. The extraction and use of coal usually cause many premature deaths and illnesses.

The use of coal damages the environment and causes environmental pollution. Coal is the largest source of carbon dioxide which contributes to climate change. Here are 14 fun facts about coal that you should know. 

1. Water Heater Uses Two Tons Of Coal Every Year

On average, a stove uses approximately half a ton of coal a year. However, a water heater uses almost two tons of coal a year.

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2. The US Has The Largest Coal Reserves

The United States has the largest proven coal reserves in the world.

3. Coal Is The Most Abundant Fossil Fuel

According to the World Energy Council (WEC), coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on our planet.

4. Coal Is The Cheapest Source Of Energy

Coal is actually the least expensive fossil fuel. Coal is also the cheapest source of energy. It is by far cheaper than nuclear energy, natural gas, or oil.

interesting facts about coal

5. One Pound Of Coal Is Enough To Power Ten 100-watt Lightbulbs

One of the most important facts about coal is that one pound of coal is needed to supply enough electricity to power ten 100-watt lightbulbs for about one hour.

6. 10 Feet Of Ancient Plant Debris Can Make 1 Foot Of Coal

Scientists estimate that it took approximately 10 feet of ancient or prehistoric plant debris or compacted plant matter to make 1 foot of coal.

7. Iron And Steel Industry Is Dependent On Coal

The iron and steel industry around the world is largely dependent on the use of coal. Currently, almost 70% of global steel produced from iron ore is dependent on coal.

8. A Person In The US Uses 3 Tons Of Coal

Each person in the United States uses more than 3 tons of coal per year.   

9. Texas Consumes The Most Coal

Texas is the largest coal-consuming state in the United States.

10. Average Age Of Coal Miners Is 45 Years

The average age of an employed coal miner is 45 years old.

11. Coal Supplies 36% Of Global Electricity

Coal is the most abundant source of electricity around the world. Currently, coal supplies more than 36% of global electricity generation.

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interesting facts about coal

12. Coal Ash Is Used In Concrete

Coal ash can be used in concrete for construction work.

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13. China Consumes 50% Of The World’s Coal Consumption

China is the largest consumer of coal, accounting for about 50.5% of the total coal consumption in the world.

14. Coal Produces The Most Pollution

Coal is the most environmentally damaging or environmentally harmful fossil fuel. It produces more pollution than any other energy source. Coal releases more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than all other fossil fuels.

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interesting facts about coal

These are 14 fun facts about coal. 

FAQ: 14 Interesting And Fun Facts About Coal

Coal is one of the most widely used materials around the globe, so many people have questions related to coal. Here I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Which Country Has The Most Coal Reserves?

Ans: The United States has the largest proven coal reserves in the whole world.

Q2. Which Fossil Fuel Is Most Abundant?

Ans: According to WEC (World Energy Council), coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on our planet Earth.

Q3. What Percentage Of Electricity In The World Comes From Coal?

Ans: More than 36% of electricity in the world comes from coal, which means it is the most abundant source of electricity around the world.

Q4. Is Coal The Most Polluting?

Ans: Coal produces more pollution than any other energy source, as it releases more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than all other fossil fuels. It is the most environmentally damaging fossil fuel.

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